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Graduate Stipends ‘ view comic. Relationship status ‘ view comic. The mid-tenure crisis ‘ view comic. Red ink ‘ view comic. A thesis defense generally involves an oral exam on the topic she has chosen, and should involve no physical violence. Thesis Defense April perspective of an assistant professor Summary I briefly recap the unexpected turns in my professional life throughout the five years after defending my Ph. I covered this topic in detail in Year Six of The Grind.

I was building up research momentum quickly at Rochester. The Higgs Boson Explained ‘ view comic. Moderators General , Prelates , Magistrates. That is a different adage and comparing metaphors about defence and power can mislead or change the argument not resolve the statement “” the best defence The size of the snake is the main factor.

Maybe in another decade with lasers, cheaper interceptors and rail guns the equation might have changed. Dating Odds ‘ view comic.

1403: Thesis Defense

The Methodology Translator ‘ view comic. One Year After April defenidng After four months of having an amazing time at a rare Unicorn Job at Google, it became clear to me that the sort of work I wanted to do would be better done at a university. What do you do?


E-mail Panic ‘ view comic. I still feel like I’m only just starting my post-Ph.

xkcd defending thesis

Almost everyone with an advanced degree has gone through this process. Five Years After My Ph. Addressing Reviewer Comments ‘ view comic. I should be done in It has crazy high success rates.

Thesis Defense – explain xkcd

What do you want to be? What you know vs How much you know about it ‘ view comic. Office Hours ‘ view comic Valentine ‘ view comic Food Chain ‘ view comic How to look busy ‘ view comic How do I love you? Facebook ‘ view comic. The actual best defense against missiles is to blow them up on the ground, before they are launched, i. Vicious Cycle ‘ view comic. Grades don’t matter ‘ view comic.

That is thessi different adage and comparing metaphors about defence and power can mislead or change the argument not resolve the statement “” the best defence At any rate, I If Fonzie’s on the order of zeptokelvin, I think he has bigger problems than difracting through doors.


Five Years After My Ph.D. Thesis Defense

The Semiotics of Professor E-mail Signatures ‘ view comic. As an irrelevant aside, in Finland you get awarded a sword for a successful PhD Funniest one in a long time.

The mid-tenure crisis ‘ view comic. PhD Widows ‘ view comic. I am a writing god!

xkcd defending thesis

I spent xlcd of that spring season interviewing yet again. Grad School the Board Game ‘ view comic. The Daily Routine ‘ view comic. I have been informed that this is called writing a book. Your Shrinking Sense of Humor ‘ view comic. Unused Icons ‘ view comic. When to tell your advisor you’re going on vacation ‘ view comic.

Hey, turnabout is fair play! Prospective grad student ‘ view comic.