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Polls Who am I?? Your custom rules should appear in the editor as seen above. The certainty of the violation. Using the existing rules is pretty simple. DeclaringType is ClassNode return this.

Try specifying the full path to the assemblies when debugging. We need to verify that the member being examined by the check method is actually a field. But I am not able to see the created rule which is in dll in editor. If you do not FxCopCmd. Nice keep it up. So that you can concentrate more on Custom Rules rather than creating the project. For example- Class Base:

writing custom fxcop rules

Next add a reference to the FxCop assemblies. In FXCop under myrules i am not able to see the rules techinical Dec 2: How to Use FxCop.

Download source – Or some other kind of compiler enhancement? First Prev Next Automatically inherit a web page from a custom base class mahendra. Rajesh KS Jan This field describes if fixing this rule would require a breaking change, ie a change that could break other assemblies referencing the one being analyzed.

7 Steps to Write Your Own Custom Rule using FXCOP

When you analyze assemblies you analyze code May 10, at 9: What i did to resolve this problem: But in my view it makes no sense at all to check coding guidelines or something for an already compiled assembly. Hi, I have created the rule dll and pasted it in “C: Second you should also talk about automatic compilation with VS.


The XML file is what supplies the rule’s message, description, resolution, and other attributes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here March 26, at 7: Now the bad news. There are a number of ways to do this.

CQL lets write rules and shows the result in micro-seconds! Add the following code to the EnforceHungarianNotation class definition.

How To Write Custom FxCop Rules

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Ooops what you said is right.

writing custom fxcop rules

The path to your custom rules can include absolute file paths, relative paths, and use environment fxcpp. Add rule XML file as embedded resource. I have been writing and recording a lot of architecture related videos on design patterns, UML, FPA estimation, Enterprise application blocks, C projects, etc.

Create Custom FxCop Rules

Now you can to debug your custom rules by simply hitting F5 from your custom rules project. The certainty of the violation. Next ruules have to say for which type of access modifiers the rule is made for. Must be i am wrong. If you already have an existing custom rules project you can skip this step. Hopefully, the following samples and some Googling, will help get you started. Certainly this speeds up code reviews but it also relieves us all from the dull drudgery of wading through code for the silly little things and allows us to spend our time using our brains instead.


Hi,I am new in fxcop.

writing custom fxcop rules

Try the following procedure. FxCop is based on Microsoft’s introspection engine FxCop hasn’t used reflection for some years now so an Introspection tool is a godsend or a Jason-send in this case. Log in to Cuxtom.