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A global start up school for entrepreneurs who want to do better business. E-Fund invests via teams to achieve higher returns from angel investments in BC techonology companies by leveraging the expertise of our investors. The Alliance of Angels is an angel network that focuses on seed and early stage investments in a variety of market sectors within the Pacific Northwest. Groundswell is a training network for people starting alternatives-to-business together, and recreating the economy based on values of community and social impact. You may find that your product is best marketed in Canada, by word of mouth or social media networking. A four-part Vancity video series for entrepreneurs who are considering seking a small buisness loan.

The Youth Employment Program provides financial assistance to innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada to hire post-secondary science, engineering, technology, business and liberal arts graduates. Both are for UBC students only and equip participants the skills and tools needed to increase their chances of success. Once you know how much you need to setup your company now all you need to do is calculate the money required to operate your business and to make a profit for you. SGII can provide early and growth stage businesses with comprehensive investment and value add due diligence. A t-shirt manufacturer client of mine had no plan for growth so when he received a huge order for a festival he was caught without enough staff to produce the quantity that was needed.

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Connecting people, knowledge, and resources to grow and promote the Greater Victoria technology sector. You need to setup your shop in a place whose demographics suit those who will purchase tmplate product or service.

Seed Equity offers equity-based crowdfunding, focusing on seed investments busness early stage technology companies. Defines potential risks; Highlights your managerial skills; Includes clear financial projections.

Tides Canada Good people with great ideas, building solutions that promote environmental sustainability and social justice — this is what Tides looks for when selecting projects. I was thinking about the problems newcomers to Canada face when trying to setup a business.


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It also describes your forecasts for future growth in terms of employees. Starbucks of course, was a better choice as a tenant for the leasing agent.

BC Bid Access, create, browse and compete on public sector opportunities anytime. Sandy also teaches business courses, conducts workshops, and sits on vancity non-profit board. EO is the only global businwss exclusively for entrepreneurs. Business skills for smart start-ups.

vancity business plan template

Young Professionals of Nanaimo A not-for-profit organization for young professionals in the Nanaimo area who wish to network, socialize husiness continue to develop professionally. A good combination of study of both will identify your customer and make it easier to sell to them.

The Generator Yemplate funder of programs and activities that increase employment through the growth and profitability of technology companies in British Columbia supporting them through technology industry associations, educators and mentors.

While the Marketing plan is important most feel keeping an eye on your expenses and revenues by your spreadsheet is the most important aspect of your business plan. The Facilitated Peer Roundtables at Spring are aimed to accelerate the launch and growth of early-stage startups.

The My Great Neighbourhood Grant program was created to help residents of Victoria animate public space, develop and enhance a sense of community and leave a positive legacy in our neighbourhoods. Bioenterprise Capital Bioenterprise invests in the most promising agri-tech innovations and companies. Vancity Community Foundation VCF buildS healthy communities, where cooperative principles and practices are flourishing and social justice and environmental sustainability are enhanced, by providing financial support to social enterprises, supporting community organisations and investing in impact real estate initiatives.

You need to know and understand all the threats. Rogers Fund Rogers Fund provides support to meet the specific needs of independent producers.


The Canadian Association of Family Enterprise is a member driven National Association that is passionately committed to assisting families in business and building their pivotal contribution to the economy of Canada. Retrieved from ” https: Vancity in an business with other startups who are facing the same challenges you are has been incredibly rewarding and motivating. ACCESS supports individuals through the application process and beyond providing consultation, mentorship and resources.

Women Entrepreneurship Fund Women Entrepreneurship Fund invests in projects that encourage and support the development of women-led Canadian companies.

vancity business plan template

A client asked for advice when negotiating for a lease for a coffee shop on a popular street corner in downtown Vancouver. The Financial plan includes a start up budget which defines how much money you will need to open the doors to your business. They fund early stage organizations and proven solutions ready for scaling that are creating measurable impact.

CIF invests in affordable housing and community busienss in the region and on Vancouver Island, supporting local sustainable jobs, housing, economic and social opportunities.

From the idea stage, to launching, templae and raising capital, Spring supports entrepreneurs on their journey.

Interaction Ventures is an entrepreneur led angel fund that invests and supports early-stage entrepreneurs. Communitech A hub that supports, fosters and celebrates a community of nearly 1, tech companies at all stages of growth and development vancoty startups to rapidly-growing mid-sized companies and large global players.

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Canadian Credit Union Association. World Council of Credit Unions. Vancity Social Enterprise SE Portfolio Program Vancity Community Foundation has established a portfolio program to provide multi-year grants and mentorship for social enterprises that have growth potential.