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It was illogical but it was honest, and the dissonance told me something obvious. It is important to clearly identify AADS faculty members with whom you would like to work and why. A piece of analytical writing, no longer than 30 pages. The GAC consists of a chair appointed by the Department chair. Identify AADS faculty members with whom you would like to work. Eric Tang grounded and made clear the connections between Africans in the diaspora and our cross-cultural connections. I know I have community.

Diversity Fellowships help recruit a diverse graduate student body at The University of Texas at Austin. All letters must be submitted trough the online system in order to be accepted. The items should be submitted as a single PDF file in the order listed above. Of particular interest is the Nicholas M. We’ll contact you with further information on scheduling a meeting either in person, Skype, or phone. Fellows also participate in professional development workshops focused on employment strategies and career development.

I would encourage you to invest in what you love. In the subject line of the email, the recommender should write the applicant’s name in all capital letters and “Recommendation. Peters Dissertation Fellowship at the University of Notre Dame enables outstanding African American doctoral candidates who have completed all graduate requirements but their dissertation and are officially ABD to devote their full energies to the completion of the dissertation; and 2 to provide an opportunity for African American scholars at the beginning of their academic careers to experience life at a major Catholic utaustin university.


Moyo Okediji pushed me to use my more analytical mind too, my creative mind and being able to express it. Consult ApplyTexas for instructions on document uploads: University of Texas at Austin W. Annual admissions and enrollment goals 3. There are too many people waiting to outwork you and out-hustle you for that kind of complacency hello again. Interested adas should follow the link below to the online application, then submit the form electronically as well as download it as a cover page for your printed application packet.


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The writing sample should demonstrate the applicant’s analytical writing skills and an ability to construct rigorous and original arguments. I learned that I could critique, analyze deeply and draw strength from it. It is not a job market that will allow you to rest on your laurels and the information that you learned a long time ago. Completed applications must include: Allow the appropriate time for submitting international documents by the stated deadline.

Yet my pursuit of AFR studies was an effort to ensure I had a personal and emotional grounding in myself as a black queer woman in the world. And you can learn all of these things in your lifetime!

Design of departmental comprehensive examination and graduation requirements ii. It is the nineth largest research library in the United States. I fellowshop that it is not meant for me to agree with everyone, but rather to respect and accept others in the same way that I want to be.

AADS Graduate Program

All applications must be submitted as e-documents to: In finding that there are ways to quantify and analyze the effects of oppression of nearly any sort, I pursued public health as both a tool for social justice and a viable career track. Burdine provides preventative and specialized programming for African-American Students and will be holding Wellness Tuesday office hours in the Gordon-White Building.

You will have to learn new technologies. The mind is the most active part of our being. The graduate program in African and African Diaspora Studies AADS at UT is designed to provide students with the skills dizsertation perspectives necessary to engage in an asds scholarly approach to examining the lives of people of African descent throughout Africa and the African Diaspora, publish scholarly work, engage in public and tu-austin discourse on race and issues pertinent to the African Diaspora, and gain academic employment.


UT College of Liberal Arts:

The Graduate Advisor advises students in matters pertaining to graduate study including: The subject line of the email should be the applicant’s fllowship in all capital letters and “Dissertation Fellowship. Creation of new graduate courses and changes to graduate course inventory 2.

ut-austin aads dissertation fellowship

I learned that the effects of discrimination and inequality reveal themselves in our health. Diversity Fellowships help recruit a diverse graduate student body at The University of Texas at Austin.

The department also offers a limited number of graduate research assistantships.

ut-austin aads dissertation fellowship

We need you there. There is no separate application for financial aid.

Course registration, including adds and drops 2. The Committee places a strong emphasis on the statement of purpose and writing sample. An activist is someone who can show you a new way to consider things, and, hopefully has an outline dissertatiion how that idea can manifest.

It embraces all subject fields, with the strongest holdings in the humanities, social sciences, business, and education.