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Please follow the link for more information and some nice pictures:. The award is in recognition for ground breaking research on dynamic molecular systems and stereochemistry, specifically the design of light-driven rotary molecular motors and phosphoramidites for asymmetric catalysis. From left to right: Ben Feringa mentioned as “interesting person” in the issue of Vrij Nederland with topic Nerds text in Dutch. The winners were announced on Friday 3 July during the Summer Ceremony, which marks the official closing of the academic year.

Feringa grows his own vegetables, chops wood on Saturdays, and bikes about 18 miles each day. The gift is a short film where leading academic men, Ben Feringa, Robbert Dijkgraaf, Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Wim van Saarloos and Carel Stolker, take a look at academia through the eyes of their daughters. Upcoming promotions Posted on 2 Group members will soon defend their thesis. Feringa reached a milestone – he was promotor a times. The Yamada – Koga Prize medal is awarded each year to a scientist whose research had a major impact world-wide in the field of synthesis of optically active compounds. During an academic visit to China, accompanied by his wife Betty, Ben was portrayed in the China Daily newspaper on the 3rd of May.

Please follow this link to read the full article on the RuG website:. Growing up on a farm in the Netherlands, Ben L.

Experience the Statue’s history, enjoy the harbor views and be inspired!. The advice from the Van Rijn committee concerning the funding of higher education has heavy consequences for the UG as a broad-based classical university. The grant will be used to fund eight PhD projects. Long tradition The Solvay concern and the Solvay family have a long tradition of sponsoring fundamental research. Please follow the link to see the film! It is a form of asymmetry, whereby you can have two objects that are identical in every way, except that they are mirror images of each other.


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Feringa spent a lot of time thinking about the intersection of science and nature. The Centenary Prize is awarded to outstanding chemists from outside the United Kingdom — those who are also exceptional communicators — to give lectures in the British Isles.

It was established in and is presented in Tokyo at the Japanese Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences. It is not every day that you have a class from a Nobel Prize winner, but 1, pupils from Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe will, on Monday 10 July. The Future of Biology”. The National Academy of Sciences elects Ben Feringa as one of their new foreign associates Posted on On Tuesday 30 April the National Academy of Sciences announced the election of new members and 25 foreign associates in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.

Last November 17th, prof.

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Thssis control of function by light-driven molecular motors Thomas van Leeuwen, Anouk S. Wijnberg became director of the Organic Chemistry Laboratory now part of the Stratingh Institute at that time located in the Bloemsingel. The ranks of the revenge tragedy. Lehn will visit several locations during his lecture tour of The Netherlands and he will present his work and his views on the future of chemistry during a lecture entitled: Upcoming promotions Posted on 3 Group members will defend their thesis.


Feringa, The field of urg functional molecular systems has progressed enormously over the past few decades.

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The groups of Profs. Feringa Posted on Aug. Feringa was awarded the prize in acknowledgement of the great importance of his research and the captivating way he links theiss to society.

Please follow the link for more information and some pictures.

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This prize is awarded annually for the best organic chemistry thesis defended in the Netherlands. Website design by Fenids Webdesign.

Also attending the meeting: To celebrate this event a special symposium for the promovendi and research groups was held on the 16th of May.

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Short essays meaning of any inn or export something. Tug Tuesday 30 April the National Academy of Sciences announced the election of new members and 25 foreign associates in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in rut research. We hope to hear which grade they got Within the research group of Ben Feringa novel methods of controlling the activity of antibiotic agents are being developed.

In the programme, presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk interviews famous and less famous guests about important books in their lives. Complex functionality such as self-healing usually requires a complex synthetic process.