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It does not need to be argued for — only described. It was a relief to get to the end of the article where Pojman argues against relativism and makes a case for objectivism based on the fact that we do have a core morality. Louis Pojman Short Summary. Conventionalism seems perilously close to ethical nihilism. On the other hand, a denial of complete cultural relativism i.

If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. The relativist may argue that, in fact, we lack an obvious impartial standard to judge from. It seems reasonable to believe that general moral principles are precisely those things that can be communicated transculturally. Click to learn more https: Louis Pojman argues for objectivism instead of relativism in morality even though we are attracted to the idea of relativism. Alan Keyes, a candidate for president in the most recent election, is one of the most conservative public intellectuals in the nation. The belief ground of my obligation is simply my belief.

For example, people from a myriad of language groups come to the United States and learn English and communicate perfectly well. This is a statement by Ted Bundy, paraphrased and rewritten by Harry Pljman.

pojman dependency thesis

There are no universally valid moral principles, objective standards which apply to all people. I can assure you that there is not. The weak thesis says that the application of principles depends on the particular cultural predicament, whereas the strong thesis affirms that the principles themselves depend on that predicament. The kind of common features that Kluckhohn and Wilson advance — duties of restitution and reciprocity, regulations on sexual behavior, obligations of parents to children, a no-unnecessary-harm principle, and a sense that the good people pojmann flourish and the guilty people should suffer — these and other features constitute a common human experience, a common set of values within a common human predicament of struggling to survive and flourish in a world of scarce resources.


The members of this cultural group share so much.


This thesis is, I think, obvious to everybody. Let’s look a bit closer at this thesis, for it is really the more important of the two. Still, there is a rich diversity of depehdency in that chorus of writers.

Let’s narrow down the cultural group — Catholic moral theologians. It seems that we need some higher standard than culture by which to assess a culture. Perhaps we might agree for the sake of argument, at least that the very nature of morality entails two people who are making an agreement. The Dependency Thesis thesus the more important of the two doctrines.

Louis Pojman Short Summary Essay

They are all male, mostly white, all Catholics, all trained in the same religious tradition, all having gone through the same type of academic training. All dependejcy says — thus far — is that people disagree with each other. One Sudanese tribe throws its deformed infants into the river because the tribe believes that such infants belong to the hippopotamus, the god of the river. This move saves the conventionalist from moral solipsism, but it still permits almost any principle at all to count as moral.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Or can you think of a principle which is followed in the States that is not valued highly in the place of your own origin? Let’s narrow down the cultural group — Catholic moral theologians. Louis Pojman Short Summary. This is a pretty small demographic group.

Although each culture does have a particular depemdency with different meanings — indeed, each person has his or her own particular set of meanings — we do learn foreign languages and learn to translate across linguistic frameworks.


He argues that it only takes one moral principle for all people to show that relativism is false and objectivism is true.

pojman dependency thesis

This idea makes people like Hitler, Bundy, and members of the KKK just depednency name a few justified in their actions. The conclusion that is drawn, then, is: It says that whenever I am morally obligated to perform some action, whenever I am morally forbidden to perform an action, or whenever I am called by my moral commitments to live out some virtue or other, all this obligation is based on the belief that I am so obligated.

However, though we may fear the demise of morality, as we have known it, this in itself may not be a good reason for rejecting relativism — that is, for judging it false. Surely there are some who are liberal democrats, and there are others who are conservative republicans. There are no universally valid moral principles, objective standards which apply to all people.

One might think that here, if anywhere, you’d find a great deal ddpendency unanimity [I’ve never been able to say that out loud!

pojman dependency thesis

Let’s look a bit closer at this thesis, for it is really the more important of the two. There are two versions of this thesis. Therefore, there are no universally valid moral principles, objective standards that apply to all people everywhere and at all times.