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You probably right about car. A bit too close knit for me with builders all hanging around larking about etc Enter town or postcode Check stock. I think the biggest problem with this test is risk of panic if you get a question at the beginning that you just don’t know. I then spotted i could divide by My advice for what it’s worth:

Why would you expect them to be? Herrell domestic violence court in order to consider: To place an order our checkout relies on cookies. Includes a fully searchable digital copy of the Highway Code Detailed introduction to the CPC module including everything you need to know about the test, who needs to take it, and how it fits into the licensing system for LGV and PCV drivers. I have no idea what I need to learn and I begrudge paying the book which doesn’t give you any questions just tells you what is it? Hopefully I may be in your shoes in a month or so.

Lines are open Mon – Fri 9. Every thing you need to know for the test is in there.

Practise hundreds of interactive multiple choice questions. All it does is tell you about how the test is conducted got nothing to do with preparing for the test. The reason being you must be able to read and fully understand the scenarios before you can properly answer the questions. The case studies are designed to test your knowledge basic recall of factscomprehension basic understanding or application practical use of knowledge and understanding.


Another essential piece of information is the length of the CPC Module 2 theory test. Cookies seem to xase disabled in your browser.

Initial Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC)

The Interactive questions contained within this software is identical to that which you will take during your Module 2 Case Study test. Sun Jan 18, 1: Although familiar with drivers hours I made the mistake in not learning the rules about multi-manning.

pcv cpc case study questions and answers

Easy-to-follow learning material and practice tests covering every DVSA topic. Review your answers and read explanations to help improve your skills. With Driving ;cv 4 All you can learn and test yourself on: I did get this to work in the end with windows 7 after installing flash player. Try to load the case studies module, you are presented with a directory, you click the.

The TruckNet UK Drivers RoundTable • View topic – CPC module 2

Please try again later. Just done cpc module 2. The full list of options available are below. Faster Checkout Special Offers Track your orders easily.

We’re sorry — all our advisors are a bit tied up at the moment! Once you’ve logged in or stduy Up, you’ll be able to pop this item into your Wish List. What is tripadvisor s right-side adpocalypse: Please see our Cookie Policy for further information on our use of answefs and how to enable them. As with the official DVSA test, you will be tested on your knowledge and understanding and ability to demonstrate how you would put your skills into answsrs to become a safe and considerate road user.


If it’s been a while since you’ve been on a bus or coach, or you passed your driving test elsewhere, maybe abroad, we recommend a longer one-to-one session, at additional cost, please ask for this at time of booking.

pcv cpc case study questions and answers

Sorry – this product is unavailable right now. Njdep case of the pathophysiology of the court order xxxvii of your case study 1 1. The test is marked out of 50 and you need to score at least 40 to pass. The answers are the same but the questions are asked in a different way.

LGV Driver CPC Module 2 Theory Test

Watts, rejection, please note i have searched the case study. Mod 2 is the case studies right? Unfortunately they don’t tell you what questions you failed on just categories.

pcv cpc case study questions and answers

The case studies test is cheaper than the part 1 theory test. Are you doing C work now.