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Recommendations in those cases are based on assessments compiled in the interagency group. On written request a person can receive a copy of any personal information held and details about the purposes for which PBNI uses the information. Motivational interviewing is used at all stages. So far no complaint has reached this stage. The court may seek guidance from the Probation Board as to whether such a monitoring requirement is appropriate in relation to an individual aged 10 years or above. The court is obliged to seek a Pre-Sentence Report before making such sentences unless it is of the view that it is unnecessary and gives its reasons for this. However it is important as a yardstick.

Copies of these reports are sent to the DoJ sponsoring division within central government. A clearer picture emerges when looking at the views of politicians in relation to the work of PBNI. PBNI is currently being consulted about the contents of a new draft Code of Practice on Conditional cautions, which is being drawn up by the DoJ and will be subject to public consultation. Life sentences may be mandatory or discretionary. Commissioners combine the duties of the previously appointed Life Sentence Commission established in

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More of this role will be carried out without human involvement. An extremely useable guide to best practice which remains pan. PBNI commits to not sharing personal information outside the organisation without consent unless the law requires it or the law permits and PBNI believes it is important to do so Having viewed the information the receiver can ask that incorrect data be corrected. However under the provisions of the Justice Actplaj has been given a statutory role to assist the Public Prosecutor in deciding whether to proceed to the court stage or to choose a diversionary option.

Internal and external inspections, audits and reporting mechanisms underline the compliance of the organisation with formal policy instructions and rules EPR 18, 19, However, informal support was possible. The Probation Board of Northern Ireland has a limited internal research capacity function and it is notable that there has been relatively little academic research of probation practices and processes in Northern Ireland.


This evaluation report commissioned by the Department of Justice provides an overview of women-centred provision and includes a range of stakeholder perspectives. Help Center Find new research papers in: Conditions put forward by PBNI and its partner agencies can include supervised and supported accommodation plus participation in a relevant programme. On promotion or recruitment to middle management posts such as area manager there is an expectation to undertake study on the pathway to the NI Leadership and Strategic Award.

This chapter provides a good overview of the youth and adult criminal justice system.

Mental health ‘probation priority’

The youth conference system which adopts a restorative approach has been deemed to be such a success that it is attracting considerable international attention. Indeed some commentators e.

Block B Castle Buildings Tel. PBNI, having a better record than others in the sector on collaborative working, will be anxious to ensure that fresh joint targets equate with their experience and expertise.

Mental health ‘probation priority’ –

PBNI allows itself 40 calendar days to make personal information available. Probation authority begins in the Youth Courts and extends through all the levels of the Criminal Courts. The PBNI is involved in preparing and presenting pre-sentence reports and has the responsibility for the management of community orders, like probations orders with additional requirementscommunity service orders and combination orders.

If imposed with the consent of the defendant the bsiness in custody will be immediately followed by a probation order. Persons aged 16 and upwards are eligible. Under the most recent constitutional arrangement the Minister for Justice is a member of the NI Executive appointed by the Assembly in Belfast. PBNI contributes funding to a service23 to assist families to reduce the impact of the imprisonment of a member.


The court may seek guidance from the Probation Board as to whether such a monitoring requirement is appropriate in relation to an individual aged pni years or above. PBNI is reliant on some volunteers who are recruited and supplied by voluntary partner organisations in relation to purchased services. PBNI invested in increasing organisational capacity in preparation for a staged implementation of the new legislation.

Nonetheless, the assessment and appropriate management of risk are set out as key organising principles.

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PBNI has no formal role in this process. The current assessment at government level of the plann strengths of the two organisations places PBNI in a much more powerful position than it was in when integration of the two services was rejected by CJ Review in favour of closer co-operation. Personal information is covered by data protection legislation Data Protection Act Because of the one year minimum it has been predominantly a sentence of the Crown higher Court.

The worker is then issued with work instructions to commence within 10 days of sentence. That’s why we in probation are not about excuses or justifications. PBNI service users can have access to their personal information and some other types of information held.

Allowances in workload are made for participants on these programmes but they are not released for full-time sabbatical study.