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Able to understand the principles of prevention and preventive dentistry right from birth to adolescents 4. Preparation for writing a dissertation in medieval literature requires at least oneRequirements and Curriculum 56 credits for the thesis track, for a total of 5 or 6 semesters depending on the track, you can NTR Objectives The objective is to train a candidate so as to ensure higher competence in both general and special areas of interest and prepare him for a career in teaching, research and speciality practice. It is desirable to have adequate knowledge in bio-statistics, epidemiology, research methodology, nutrition and computers. Fluoride in Dentistry — Fejerskov, Ekstrand and Burt

Blood – Composition – Haemostasis, various blood dyscrasias and its management of patients with the same – Hemorrhage and its control – Capillary and lymphatic circulation. The library has sections for thesis, dissertations, monographs, journal. Out of which two shall be pertaining to the specialty, one in applied basic sciences and one shall be an essay. Psychosomatic aspects of oral diseases. Effective motivation and education regarding periodontal disease maintenance after the treatment. Preparation of surgical splints, and splints for TMJ problems. The assessment be made by faculty members and peers attending the meeting using Model Checklist 1 in Section IV.

Oral Histology – Development of dentition, Innervations of dentin and pulp Periodontium — development, histology, blood supply, guiddlines supply and lymphatic drainage Oral mucous membrane Pulp — Periodontal complex II.


The dynamic interaction of biologic processes and mechanical forces acting on the stomatognathic system during orthodontic treatment. Discuss historical perspective to advancement in the subject proper and related topics. The clinical cases taken up should be followed under the guidance. Soldering and welding exercises. Direct concepts in tooth preparation for amalgam, composite, GIC and restorative techniques, failures and management. Minor Oral surgical Exercises: Special senses – Fundamental knowledge of vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell.


Questions on recent advances may be asked in any or all the papers. Haemostasis – Role of endothelium in thrombogenesis – Arterial and venous thrombi – Disseminated Intravascular coagulation 3. NTR University curriculum for its programs.

ntruhs pg thesis guidelines

Observation during presentation 1. Distribution of marks at the university examination: The number of activities attended and the topics prevented are to be thesos in log book. Attention to detail 5.


A candidate must achieve a high degree of clinical proficiency in the subject matter and develop competence in research and its methodology as related to the field concerned. Class II amalgam cavities.

Management of medically compromised patients with DM. Essentials of Periodontics- A. Defense mechanism of the oral cavity. The record includes academic activities as well as the presentations carried out by the guidelinws. Oral gguidelines of metabolic diseases.


Health Informatics – Research Methodology – definitions, types of research, designing written protocol for research, objectivity in methodology, quantification, records and analysis.

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Knowledge of internal anatomy of permanent teeth, anatomy of root apex and its implications in endodontic treatment. Definitions of Various Specialties i. It not only helps teachers to evaluate students, but also helps students to evaluate themselves.

ntruhs pg thesis guidelines

One Seminar per week to be conducted in the department. Applied Basic Sciences 1. All the teaching faculty should be full time. Identify social, economic, environmental and emotional determinants in a given case and take them into account for planning treatment.

British Dental Journal 7. Guidelines for writing the PGdissertation.

ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Each post – graduate student should handle around classes. Detailed clinical procedures — restorations, endodontics, preventive and interceptive orthodontic procedures, and prosthodontic procedures. Record book to be maintained. Pediatric Orofacial medicine and pathology — Hall