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Government publish results of review into marking. Scores of anything higher and they might need to consider the occasional full stop! Prove to me beyond all reasonable doubt. I remember, when I was in school years ago, a couple of homeworks from my language teacher: Why set homeworks that test only one skill??!

It is taking effect with the dedicated ones. Why do so many pupils not do it? One colleague said that he gets students to copy the target from the previous piece of written work at the top of the next piece of written work they are set, so that it is in their mind while they are producing it. For a while we ran with comment only marking and to an extent we still do in that pieces of work are not graded. I tend to teach the students as much as possible about how to learn vocabulary early on. You can find an example on the TES here. It was just an honest conversation where she could ask the questions she did not want to ask in class.

The next chapter does not reinforce them at all. I believe Vocabulary Express does allow such homdwork but have yet to try it. Essentially, homes with the greatest cultural capital, typically more affluent and middle class, will just fill the gap with their own family-education as they always have.

You could do this with some high-frequency language for your weaker groups.

mfl takeaway homework

Admittedly speaking would be out of the question but listening, reading and writing would all be possible. There are some brilliant worksheets out there on websites such as TES and the excellent Frenchteacher. I have increased the amount of grammatical practice in my lessons this year and it is gradually working. This site uses cookies. They need to divide the amount mrl words by the amount of sentences.


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Neither do the three after that! Who was Homswork ns Ri egel from Bo nn? Then the students need to do something with the knowledge to reinforce it, otherwise it is just another video.

mfl takeaway homework

One of the best bits of the blog mentioned above is this: Exam boards also have past papers on their websites, that would easily allow multiple skills. Arttesano via Compfight cc. And one complaint from pupils was that they couldn’t ask their peers for help if they were all doing different tasks but actually this has proved to be a positive thing from the staff point of view. Some would like to drop their marking pile in a woodchipping machine.

Finally he has added vocabulary desserts.

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The second video shows that takdaway time with a diet of quality instruction and effective feedback people generally improve at whatever they are doing. Again the specimen homeworrk for the new GCSE could be used in this way. What is the purpose of the homework we set? Are my students so inattentive? This is mainly because I want to see if they can do it outside the classroom without me and also to reinforce the material at a later date.


The exercise book is a way of communicating with your students.

Below is a buffet of homeworks. Mary Myatt has some points to make on this here. There are a number of things you can do to maximise DIRT time. Perhaps suggest a theme for their example sentences:.

I takeaay to teach the students as much as possible about how to learn vocabulary early on.

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Weaker ability kids who receive a piece of work that is largely green with one or two hints of yellow get a massive morale boost from this. I have highlighted my favourite one in orange. Firstly, make it really clear what you want students to do with the time and how you want them to do it.

Why set homeworks that test only one skill??! The presentation of their work is stunning too particularly given a very tough catchment area.

However he added that homeework is a danger that they choose something they haven’t done in class and therefore they struggle with the target language or they just don’t put the effort in.