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Remember the autonomy of science — you are the only person who has the right to correct or ask to revise a text written about your research. Men should wear either a tailcoat with a black waistcoat or a dark suit; women should wear a black, long-sleeved dress with a small neckline without a hat. Background information You should also add your education and working history in the press release, preferably presented coherently and concisely in the manner of a complete press release:. Upload dissertation template from Koppa https: The progression and formalities of the public examination of the dissertation. The Custos is the chairman of the public examination of a dissertation and supervises the examination situation. This includes the online publishing and three printed copies for the public defence.

The aim of the press release is to convey your message in such a way that reporters will write an article on it, either on the basis of the release or after some further questions. You are also free to invite your relatives and friends by using separate invitations. If your research is a part of a larger project, done in a research team or if it has been externally funded, remember to consult your supervisor on how these facts should be presented in the press release. Each main criterion is composed of sub-criteria, which are assessed using the above-mentioned scale. Things to remember before the public examination of a dissertation: Begin the press release with the most important result of your research and describe where the results can be applied to in practice — these are the main issues that reporters are interested in.

Reserving a separate table for the most honoured guests, such as the Custos and the Opponent etc. The doctoral candidate can, before the public examination, inquire from the Opponent whether the preparations for the post-doctoral celebration can be started.


jyu dissertation template

The Rector will receive the electronic version of your dissertation directly from the Publishing Unit. Confirm the hall reservation: People gather for a welcoming toast. Please see instructions here.

Dissertation – Instructions for Doctoral Dissertation — English

Sparking dissertatioh is served either at the hall or at the walkway near the hall. Then the Custos declares the public examination of the dissertation open by saying “As the Custos appointed by the faculty I declare this public examination opened.

The examination should be high-level conversation between two experts of the field, about the interesting themes of the doctoral thesis.

The doctoral candidate presents an invitation before leaving the hall. The doctoral candidate, the Custosand the opponents leave the hall in the same order they arrived in. Wish the guests welcome and express your joy about your accomplishments! Add template styles in Templates and Add-Ins window to your document.

jyu dissertation template

Always ask to see and revise the texts about your dissertation before their publication. The doctoral candidate is complimented and presented with bouquets before the refreshments are served.

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Sit down to the table. How to import styles to a excisting document. It is a task of honour and should be given to the supervisor of the thesis. An excellent performance in one area may also compensate for minor deficiencies in another area. In the list of main tabs, select the Develop check box.

Each main criterion is composed of sub-criteria, which are assessed using the above-mentioned scale. The length of the press release should be 1 page without the abstract — the more concise the better.


Assessment results are recorded on the assessment form. The Thesis is not counted as part of the Advanced Studies module when calculating a grade for this study module.

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Press release photo We are committed to providing the media with photos of the doctoral candidates if requested. If you do not speak Finnish, we suggest that you discuss the matter with your supervisor and try to find someone at your department to help you with the draft.

Search Site only in current section Contact Search. The presentation must be started with the words “Mr.

Template for the dissertation — Department of Biological and Environmental Science

During the entry and exit the Custos and the Opponent hold their Doctor’s hats, if they have one, in their left hand so that the lyre is facing forward. Further information and registration: All can also wear the ceremonial gown of the University.

Ask permissions from publishers for reprinting your articles in the online thesis. The progression and formalities of the public examination of the dissertation.

Loans and Renewals tel. You can structure the text and capture the reader’s interest by adding inviting subtitles.