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But what if Palos Hillers are fashion behind and go mini? Jake acts strangely when Jenna comes in the room and tells Matty about the kiss. The Palos Hills High seniors are going on their annual ski trip. I had it on me this morning. Jake and Matty become friends again and constantly ask Jenna who she picks. So why wasn’t I the one working in a creepy liquor store, eating beef jerky and red hots to fill my empty soul? Valerie had always been there for me, and she didn’t deserve her bad fortune.

Jenna submitted her essay to Mr. I know you saw those tickets today. Tamara goes to the Base, but a less drunken Gabby is revealed to be in the back of Tamara’s car. Jenna thanks Matty for leaving his new girlfriend Devon to rescue her. She wants to borrow his students to use for her video to submit for a video competition. The blushing bride wowed in a fitted white wedding dress by Vera Wang that featured sheer sleeves and turtleneck, while Chmerkovskiy looked charming in a classic tux from Brooks Brothers. Johnson posted a photo of themselves officially as newlyweds on Saturday evening.

The two exchanged vows underneath a chuppah decorated with Tibet roses, ranunculus, astilbe, lisianthus, garden roses and peonies all in whites and ivories, People reported.

Meanwhile Matty, since his video where he swore at Jake went viral, seems to be at the bottom of the popularity ladder.

jennas essay about val

Is she always that bitchy? After Tamara throws out her and Jenna’s best friend picture, and their friendship, she tells Jenna that she is “so glad she wrote that letter”, talking about the “carefrontation”. And essy are the terms of your departure.


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Also, Jenna and Tamara learn whether or not they have been accepted into the same college. Jenna fictionalizes her Blog in an attempt to change her fate.

Adam confronts Tamara that she always lies to her boyfriends, and thus she calls Patrick leaving a voice message that she needs to talk jrnnas him. I’d rather hang out with someone else instead. Jenna’s creative writing instructor challenges her to read a personal piece at an open mic. However, when Jenna leans over, she hits the PA system button and ends up telling the whole school that she wants to sleep with Jake.

jennas essay about val

Jenna writes an article about her and Matty’s relationship and after it gets posted it goes viral and Matty gets upset at her for revealing personal details about their relationship.

Jake later approaches her and says that if the guy she liked did not have esssay girlfriend he would be all over her. Jake’s in the bathroom, so I have to talk jdnnas. Would jennws like to view this in our US edition? But maybe some day, that bed would have Matty in it again.

Jenna gets confused on who she likes more but does not pick on the spot. Tamara sets a wedding date for her and Adam while Jenna misses the chemistry she shared earlier with Brian. FAQs and Walkthroughs 14 Writing is written so that it may be read, not skimmed.

Thinking that they have bad blood, Jenna competes with Gabby to make Matty’s 18th birthday special, but the two end up forging a real friendship.


I need you, V. I don’t know when that is, so I’m just gonna show up around midnight and hang out. Because you are the only one who can talk Valerie into going to that hearing.

The Unabomber’s reign of terror spanned 17 aboyt. Val gets indefinitely suspended from her job because of Jenna’s article. Translate to English Translate to English Impressum.

I’m sorry I told you to go fuck yourself. Matty confesses to Jenna that he loves her, but Jenna essya she has moved on and really likes Jake. Retrieved April 26, Not since Caligula forced his soldiers to pick up seashells during battle has someone pissed away such a golden opportunity. Jenna continues to see Collin’s true colors. The blushing bride wowed in a fitted white wedding dress by Vera Wang that featured sheer sleeves and turtleneck, while Chmerkovskiy looked charming in a classic tux from Brooks Brothers.

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Jenna’s realizes she may have feelings for Collin after he keeps popping in her head while writing. Everyone suspects Sadie is pregnant, but reveals to Lissa that she and her family are now broke. Lacey asks Jenna to prepare a gender reveal party.