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Add corn flour and egg to bind the mixture. I can even consider making custard or boiling an egg to garnish my dishes for example in salad. This substance present enables the oil and water to be mixed to the reaction known as emulsion. Besides all these, I have learnt new knowledge through the process and benefited greatly from this. A conclusion on my part about the coursework. Over-whipping the mixture will be to a disadvantage because the final product will cease to crumble in the oven.

Emulsifying — eggs contain emulsifier and the substance named lecithin. While I was waiting for the cake to rise, I also managed to boil the quail eggs. Protein is composed of 20 different amino acids. I also took out the whisk and cake binding machine. Boil water in another saucepan. Scotch Eggs are hard-boiled eggs coated with minced meat and breadcrumbs and then baked or fried.

F&n coursework evaluation

I am elaborating on identified key factors. For my presentation, I have used r&n plain white table cloth as the bottom layer and placed in an orange table matt to make the dishes stand out. Eggs are an excellent source of protein, iron and phosphorous. Glazing — Usually to make the final product look appealing and shiny.

At a young age, diseases and virus attack them easily. Luckily, during the preparation, Corsework have waited for the custard to simmer down before over turning it to a nice circle shape.


f&n coursework evaluation

I have managed my time very carefully. It acts as a raising agent.

F&n coursework evaluation

So I assume that this dish on the whole should be served to pregnant women because they are pregnant and also supporting another life inside them. Other nutrients of value are iron and vitamins A and D. The problems that occurred were straight away solved. Also, as most of my peers are using mostly chicken eggs in our practical exam, we decide to buy a whole tray of 30 chicken eggs which will less expensive than a dozen eggs. I have decided to question myself on how I have done for my practical exam.

I believe that my time management has made me more organized.

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Eggs are an important food for different people. However, the elderly should try to avoid food that is high in cholesterol. Check my spelling errors and alter my sentences.

I will remember to bring accessories or presentation items to beautify my overall setting, bearing in mind that each dish contains different types of evaliation of eggs.

I have also given some related information for these key factors. An courseork is mayonnaise. Nutrients like protein, iron and phosphorous.

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The tables below are rated as how my friends have ranked me. I will ensure that I elaborate on my key factors and show an understanding in the task courswork, not forgetting to look into different resources to find different recipes of dishes made with eggs.


Besides all these, I have learnt new knowledge through the process and benefited greatly from this. I started to pour the icing sugar and spreading it favorably with the whisker as a help.

f&n coursework evaluation

Evaluattion between the time given, I also managed to wash the dishes. Assemble in order as above. Then, I started cutting the tomatoes into fine thin pieces. Brush them with remaining egg and roll them in breadcrumbs.

Luckily, with the help of the Internet and also advice given by my friends and teacher, I overcome the problem within half a day and thus, time is saved through the process.

What kind of eggs will I use? I will explain on my strengths and weaknesses, for example my good points and my errors that may occur during the practical exam because these will affect how the dishes will turn out.

Remove cups from oven. How the eggs are used in the variety of dishes I have chosen will lead to different sensory outcomes that are appealing. Published by Rosa Swinford Modified over 4 years ago. Other people like to put chopped, sliced or wedged hard-boiled eggs into green salads or potato or macaroni salads.