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Every year, my family and I head down to Negeri Sembilan where both of my parents’ kampungs are located. This festival also have a lot of variety of delicious food and traditional food. Then I got out of my bedroom, I saw my siblings, parents and relatives already prepared and ready to go to the mosque. Girls wear jewellery and boys new ‘songkoks’. Although Zakaat can be paid any time of the year, it has to be calculated on a year to year basis, and many Muslims use Ramadan as the month for calculation and disbursement. During the night, there are often celebrations with sparklers and firecrackers, albeit restrictions on playing firecrackers enforced by the authorities. Thursday, 18 August Preparation for hari raya!

The last day of ramadhan, we will be very busy because my mom busy cooking for hari raya dish, rendang. It only feels when I was a little boy where my friends and I went to every house to try different kinds of meals and asking for duit raya. Delicacies such as ketupat or rice cake and a meat cuisine called rendang are among the most famous cuisines that are served during this day. On first day hari raya I didn’t go to the hometown because I don’t have one. Me and essay spm preparation for hari raya as a Muslim, Hari Raya Puasa is a special cover letter sample for general manager to celebrate after they.

They then attend special congregational prayers held only for this occasion in mosques, in large open areas, stadiums or arenas. The trip can be dreadful but for me and my family, it is always nice to get away from the big city and rpeparation relax in the countryside.


But doesn’t mean they are forgetting or not celebrating it maybe their priority is not to celebrating too much because they have to continue their studies. Recalling our childhood unforgettable memories is just awesome!


The rest of the day is spent visiting relatives or serving visitors. The observance of sawm during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, but is not confined to that month. Thus, this service offers high-quality essays at the optimal price. Raay Skip to content Home About Contact. In the morning, they go to the mosque to pray.

My parents both came from Kuala Lumpur.

Essay festival hari raya aidilfitri

All Muslims celebrate the day with great joy. July 28, at During the night the spirit of Hari Raya would be at its height.

Events during and after Ramadan Laylat al-Qadr Arabic: Today, the average Muslims have understood Hari Raya celebration as one of the most festivals who never died in annual calendar. The Prophet Muhammad indicated that it was one of the last ten odd nights of Ramadan. The first thing to do is put up the oil lamps known as pelita which my cousins and I do every year.

But after 10 minutes of discussing, they agreed. This festival also have a lot of variety of delicious food and traditional food.

They brought the food to where we were watching television as the meal was ready to serve. Definition Muslims are prohibited from eating, drinking, smoking, and engaging in preparatkon intercourse from dawn fajr to sunset maghrib. Children will be given token sums of money, also known as duit raya from their parents and elders.


Hari Raya Celebration In Malaysia & How I Enjoyed This Year Festive

It has been found that such activities is a legacy. Once the prayer is done, it is also common for Muslims in Malaysia to visit the grave of their loved ones. They feel that the young ones asking forgiveness from their elders is very essential.

essay spm preparation for hari raya

Hotels and restaurants have ;reparation exploited this situation to offer exorbitant Ramadan buffets. Women must fast at times when not menstruating, as God indicates that all prfparation duties are ordained for both men and women. For Muslims, Eid ul-Fitr is a joyous occasion with important religious significance, celebrating of the achievement of enhanced piety.

I mean like playing firecrackers, cracking jokes and singing all night long till dawn. As these holidays occasionally fall near Hari Raya Aidilfitri on the Gregorian calendar, it is not uncommon for joint celebrations with open houses to be held.

The first would be spring cleaning.

essay spm preparation for hari raya

We all slept late that night, chatting with each other. Breaking oaths and the consequences During Ramadan, one who fasts and breaks the oath out of forgetfulness must nevertheless continue, since the fast will remain valid.

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