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The Songhai founded the bustling trading city of Gao just south of this bend in the s c. Sundjata, the hero, seemed to have both the power of Allah and the traditional African nature gods on his side. The Songhai Empire emerged as one of the largest Islamic empires in history. Ghana, Mali and Songhay New York: Remember me on this computer.

He headed a large bureaucracy and could call up a huge army. Using the message of Islam to rally his followers, he expanded the borders of Songhai into the east of Africa, connecting his empire with the Indian Ocean trade that went as far as China. The king was responsible for the appointment of ministers, mayors, civil servants and counselors who served administrative duties too. Sandal Wood Lion Carving. Ghana, Mali and Songhay.

It is still debatable whether Kumbi fell to the Almoravid jihad as Ghana was forcibly converted to Islam or that the conversion was voluntary.

essay on ghana mali and songhai

The Tarikh as-Sudan, a history book that was written in the 17th century, claims that by the time the Arabs came Ghana had already been ruled by 22 different kings. Drought and disease also weakened the empire. Your email address will not be published. Gervanna Stephens Instructor ā€” Mrs.

Where were the empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhai as well as the Swahili City-States, when did they exist, and what were the connections between them? This was the use of iron. The Ghana economy later developed to be an agricultural economy, farming accounting for songhaj half of the economy [7]. The empire of Ghana was one of three great West African mal of the medieval period that were described by Arab travelers and geographers.

These kingdoms are all west African kingdoms and as seen to operate at mapi times, at least each kingdoms rise can amli attributed to good leadership and the presence of resources. He expanded Songhai into an empire through his skill as a military commander and his aggressive leadership. No one knows exactly when the empire started, but it is thought that by the time the Arabs arrived, the empire could already have been thriving for several centuries.


The dramatic Battle of Kirina is still recounted by griots as a struggle between two great magicians. The Ashanti kingdom was situated in the central south part of the present day Ghana.

Epic World History: Ghana, Mali, and Songhai

Influenced to establish by the oppressive rule of the denkyira, the Atlantic slave trade and the introduction of gun powder saw the growth in the solidarity of the oyoko people who established powerful leaders and absolutely powerful unified kingdom [12]. They gained control of the all important trade routes.

Archaeological evidence suggests that the parched climate of the Sahara drastically expanded south after ā€” c. eonghai

Climate change had a dramatic impact on West Africa snoghai the center of power moved from near Ghana in the north, to Mali in the center, to the Songhai farther in the songhaii.

Under his rule he brought much wealth to the empire controlling trade routes in western Africa, he is credited for making jenne and Timbuktu centers of learning in west Africa.

The Songhai empire became a renowned producer of crafts and religious artifacts establishing a powerful kingdom.

essay on ghana mali and songhai

Wooden African Animal Donghai. Web Resources for History Learning. Songahithe last of these three great empires, remained from CE. In fact, in the Saharan village of Taghaza, workers built their houses from salt blocks because it was the only material available.


Ghana, Mali and Songhai: What makes these West African empires special?

By this means, the king limited the supply of gold and kept its price from falling. In addition, miners found new gold deposits farther east. This example Ghana, Mali, and Songhai Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only.

The pre-colonial Ghana consisted of three groups of states namely the states of northern zone, the state of the forest zones and the states of the coastal zones. The trans-Saharan trade attracted arabs, the Jews, the Italians and the Portuguese bringing diverse cultures in a common point.

Read ” The Forgotten History of African Women ” to learn more about women’s roles throughout the continent. Already have an account? He was called the nayiri in mamprusi state, the Ya Na in the dagomba state and yagbumwura in the gonja state.

Ghana, Mali and Songhai Empire

World History I Massachusetts. The trade routes crossed the savanna through the region farmed by the Soninke people.

essay on ghana mali and songhai

The ewe states consisted of villages called dutawo with their capital called fiadu where their leader dufiaga resided. Both written sources and oral traditions speak of the wealth anv fame of the ancient kingdom of Wagadu.