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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. These civilizations are thought to have mastered the art of making cotton fabrics. During invasion of Alexander the great on Sindh the king of Alor gifted him medicine of snake bite whereas a pair of yellow pigeons was presented him by a monarch. The culture and heritage day was celebrated for the first time on December 6, as the Sindhi Topi Day as a backlash to the comments of anchorperson Dr. This drama also focuses on highlighting social values of Sindhi culture that is to touch the feet of the elders and old people to honor them. If there is disregard for Sindh there can be no love or respect for its culture.

On the first day of the show they highlighted the cultural traits of Sindh. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Saibhaji Pulao, all the side dishes that go with it automatically come to mind. Festivals in the Sindhi calendar. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In short, I love Pakistan all provinces and cities. It is regarded to be more of a Sufi culture.

The main event was arranged at Karachi Press Club. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The language can be written using the Devanagri or Arabic scrip.

The cap had been incised in orchid shape at its opening, in a way that complete head covered whereas the forehead remained open. Essau come in many different styles, fabrics, colors and patterns that make them look really stylish. But the word that draws the distinctive line between this globalization is belongingness.

essay on ajrak in sindhi language

There were the great theologians of the Naqshbandi order in Thatta who translated the fundamentals of the religion of Islam into their mother tongue. Essat he dressed himself in suit but his accent and topi clearly exhibit the Sindhi culture.


Many of the Sindhi Celebs, actors, singer, actors and artist have been already invited in the Show in which they have discussed their sindji experiences etc. On this day every person have to wear sindhi Ajrak and Topi.

Ajrak – Sabaq Ka Tarjuma – Sindhi Notes for Class 9th

We all are very well aware ajrakk the benefits of Globalization. There are numerous steps involved in preparation of Ajrak ranging from 18 to 19 steps but the basic process is called Churrai by local communities. Consulate celebrates Sindh Cultural Day U. Thanks for sharing this very informative article.

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Malpuras are a kind of deep fried pancakes. The set of the show is designed to highlight the culture of Sindh. In this connection we should have to be grateful the poor and amateurish section of our society who has protected this cultural heritage because they think it sin to uncover their heads, in this state of affairs the cultured legacy of Sindhi cap can be claimed by esssay group because they are not only makers of the cap but ajdak protectors of expertise and exercise.

When feeble feet refuse. Awaz TV is available via satellite on Asia Sat 3S as well as on cable operators all around the country. Besides, Sindhis have a special feeling and association for the ajrak and they use Ajrak from cradle to grave. The Sindhi Biryani is one of the famous dishes of Pakistan. Cultural day is the celebration, demonstration of culture of SindhSindhis in Sindh and Sindhi diaspora all over the world celebrate this day to demonstrate the peaceful identity of Sindhi culture and acquire the attention of the world towards the rich heritage and culture of Sindh.


It is the most watched private Sindhi-language channel based general entertainment television channel worldwide. The Show is divided in to many interesting segments in which food and other segments features. Second kind of cap was prepared by silk and golden fibers threadscurved sindbi beautiful embellishment and ornamented with pieces of glasses to extend its sober attire. Ajrak craft products are made with natural sndhi. Join us on Facebook. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Sindhi Culture Sindhi festivals Sindhi Hindu festivals. This situation eventually leads to the replacement of original Ajrak to the quicker printing method of the copy and fake Ajrak pattern.

essay on ajrak in sindhi language

It has been the inspiration for Sindhi art, music, literature, culture and the way of life. The ajrak is an integral part of Sindhi culture and traditional. Unfortunately culture day which should represent the glorious legacy which made and makes Sindhi culture something worth cherishing and respecting has been reduced to wearing of topi and ajrak along with dancing on Dssay tunes.

essay on ajrak in sindhi language

Shehnai and the drum. With the passage of time keeping sinvhi view the disposition of wearer plus needs of modern world, new styles and designs has been introduced, as some times striking with national movements designing the map of Sindh, national slogans plus flag, figures of national heroes, axes, mosques, tombs, old and new geometrical shapes, Ajrak Sindhi shawl etc: Two or three folds of cloth have been used in this kind of cap oh was made inflexible by using hard cloth between the folds.