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Environmental risk assessment and management had not been carried out by Marcopper. They pointed instead to a minor earthquake that took place a week before the tragedy as the executor. Petitioners filed the petition for injunction with the Court of Appeals CA requesting motion to quash on Nov. However, these pertinent laws are silent as to the offering of technical assistance on how to use the forum based on the rights assured by the constitution. The Marcopper mining disaster is one of the worst mining and environmental disasters in Philippine history. The amount of tailings produced from mines in Marinduque is high because the ore is low grade, containing only 0.

However, though limits on claims of confidentiality regarding information relevant to the case are narrow, the laws are not clear. A tunnel, which led from the Tapian pit to the Boac River, was sealed, and the pit became a storage space for mine tailings from San Antonio. It caused the death of the said river until now and the drowning of two children. They were so strict so that the people wondered if these team members are working for the interest of the people or subjected to the whims and caprices of the respondent mining company. Marcopper is the largest employer on the island of Marinduque and created most of the infrastructure on island. Please help improve this article if you can.

They also added that the Municipal Mayor the community representative to the EGF made sure that there are enough forms for the damage claims to be distributed to as many people as there are possible claimants.

Channels of access There was a multiple choice of forums, some of mxrcopper were of high relevance, which considered the claim. Houses in low-lying areas were ordered by the EGF Committee to be transferred to elevated areas and core shelters were provided to the affected communities according to the housing standard set by the DSWD.


Three years later, on March 24,million tons of mine waste leaked into the kilometer long Boac River. Labog said that in the decision-making process by the EGF Committee, there were marcopped delays at all, but the delays in the processing and reviewing of claims happened on the level of the assessment committee.

However, there are series of Memorandum Circular environental by the Supreme Court in this regard. According to Mayor Madla both parties were given enough opportunities to conduct extensive fact finding opportunities as well as access to information because a common Assessment Team was established composed of representatives of the LGU and the mining company to validate, verify, and assess damage claims.

The government attempted to cover up the fact they did enforce environmental laws throughout the years. The corporation and the experts hired on the environmental impact study had made no mention of it to him. By continuing, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Help Center Find new research papers in: They all commended the officials of the EGF Committee for at least trying to do their best in giving a wide space for people to obtain justice.

environmental justice case study marcopper in the philippines

Marinduque has one of the highest incidences of poverty in the country- Tapian site were discharged into Calancan Bay. As ofthe provincial government had been preparing to file a new case against Placer Dome and Barrick Gold for environmental damage in justicr municipalities of Boac and Mogpog.

Executive Judge Edwin S.

environmental justice case study marcopper in the philippines

Because of the support coming in from outside the community, the people had more power to mobilize. The EGF Committee established an EGF Assessment Team composed of staff of the municipal government, staff of the mining company and representatives of the civil society. They then came to face a new struggle- how do they recover from the years of damage, and should they stop Marcopper from mining in Marinduque in the future?


After three 3 consecutive court hearings, the pauper litigant status has been awarded to the petitioners by Hon. Oxfaman international development and humanitarian aid agency with projects in the Philippines was approached by Marinduque community members for help.


environmental justice case study marcopper in the philippines

marcooper Appeals and reviews enviroonmental an independent body with the power to reverse a decision are adequately enabled under the law. The struggle between development and the environment is apparent here, and is a problem being faced more and more frequently in developing nations. The result was that there were even public officials, a Municipal Councilor among them, who was able to receive a huge amount of compensation P24, The confidentiality is based on whether such case has been issued an order already.

Access to Justice Case Studies: InMogpog’s town council put forth a resolution to the provincial board demanding the complete removal of the dam, the clean up of the waste dump at the top of the river and the complete rehabilitation of the river and watershed. Their voices were finally being heard and they had support to bring their forth their case against the government and Marcopper. jusyice

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Impacts of laws and government efforts There is no implementation of the forum decision yet. Tbe pit mining is used when a shallow layer of material covers the ore. The case study can be found at. This is also a pioneering implementation of the forum.

Marcopper mining disaster

Punong Barangays Purita J. As part each students’ coursework in Environmental Justice: The trial is still ongoing. Plans for the Maguila-guila dam began in