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For example, my understanding of the proposed variations to the flanker effect project A1 is that they would shed more light on how much processing takes place prior to selective attention. The role of phonology in visual word comprehension: One approach is to use these as your initial top level headings. I took a week off to recover after residential school and am now playing catch up to get back on schedule though finding out that I can get away with not knowing the content of the chapters currently being studied in order to tackle the exam effectively is affecting my motivation. I write key terms that I use in blue.

Most interestingly to me was that in the third section, only 50 people attempted the middle question question 8 and in the second section, only 61 people attempted the last question question 6. Good to see old Kahneman and Tversky popping up. As my PDF reader allows me to, I start off by adding bookmarks for each section. As you address each point, convert the question to an answer and add sub-headings for evidence which supports main point. Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior, 16 5 , —

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It is a three-way dialogue between Erin, Layard, and us her readers. The written summarising relies on a growing list of abbreviations which I use to write concisely. A sound wave moving down the length of a tube bounces back when it reaches the opening at the other end. After going back to the drawing board given my initial design problems I came up with rationales for two different experiments.

dd303 literature review

The role of phonology in visual word comprehension: After blasting through week 24 on decision making and judgements it was more familiar material for week 25 looking at reasoning. It also helps avoid lazy reading without understanding.

I was reminded by one of the talks at residential school that formulating arguments in everyday conversation is more or less effortless. I took the opportunity last week to sneak ahead a little bit, finishing off the final chapter of the textbook on applying cognitive psychology.


If the length of the tube is a certain fraction of the wavelength of the sound, each reflected wave will reinforce the next incoming one; if it is of a different length, they will interfere with each other.

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Recall was had to be! Only 1, answers were submitted for the questions in the first section, 1, for the second section, and 1, for the third section. Week 24 looked at judgement and decision making and covered a lot of the same ground that I had already studied as part of the rationality sections of my philosophy course.

What can functional neuroimaging dd330 the experimental psychologist? Here are literatude things I do during reading:.

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Also, because it tends to be a solitary activity I literaturr you need to explicitly engage this type of thinking. It also has a number of other benefits. Next I create a word processor document for the chapter and scan the PDF chapter for keywords, adding them to the first column of my key terms table.

This is a slow process, but my aim is to only ever do this once! It maps extremely well onto the reading code approach presented in How literayure Read Journal Articles in the Social Sciences.

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Lots of different names that might come up in an exam, but not a great amount of detail to remember about each. Deciding on a research question After going back to the drawing board given my initial design problems I came up with rationales for two different experiments. Initially this made reading a really slow process, but the more of these I literatur, the quicker I get for a couple of reasons.


Second, in general and particularly with experimental studies I try to come up with a way of representing the whole study graphically.

dd303 literature review

I looked at exam questions when I was coming up with ideas for visual note-taking and thought it would be useful at revision time to liherature able to quickly scan notes to look at them from different perspectives methods, populations etc. It was interesting to see how the questions broke down in terms of attempts and marks. As my PDF reader allows me to, I start off by adding bookmarks for each section.

dd303 literature review

OU essay guidance often poses a number of questions which help you to address the essay question. With these little graphics in place, arrows are useful to then relate one study to another.

I took the opportunity to sneak a week ahead in my psychology studies to try and get a jump on exam revision. I started to use abbreviations methodically when I realised how helpful they are ed303 testing your recall during revision and for writing exam answer plans. If you keep your table in a single document, this will progressively build up a library key term definitions written in your own words, optionally cross-referenced to other key terms.

The task described below forces you to practice writing in your own words and has the phenomenological flavour of active learning. The other is to see if the reasons others have found it interesting also interest you.

Sample literature review written by a US undergraduate psychology student with comments from tutors.