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The figures that you quoted for libraries are not the figures for the in-year position. Associate and configure normalization rules click to see more the dial plan as follows: Considering the size of DCAL in terms of budget and numbers of staff, I believe it has contributed well in excess of what it would be rationally expected to do. As for the funding for Foras na Gaeilge and the rest — I admire your ingenuity — I repeat that I am trying to honour the pot of money that we received for Foras na Gaeilge and the Ulster-Scots Agency as best and respectfully as I possibly can. As a new member, I see a risk that language bodies may get a higher priority than other arm’s-length bodies.

Considering the size of DCAL in terms of budget and numbers of staff, I believe it has contributed well in excess of what it would be rationally expected to do. However, I will do all that I can, because I firmly believe in the power of arts and of sports in particular. I cannot discuss the detail of it, but I think that you appreciate that. My understanding, Chair, is that we are into our final days of court. I do not think that any of us has the luxury of sitting back and waiting for opportunities to fall in our lap.

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It is very stark, and he acknowledged that. We need to ensure that that is built upon and increased. Thank you for the question.

dcal business plan 2015

I see in the document that you have a commitment to the draft Irish language Act and bringing forward the two strategies — the Irish language and the Ulster-Scots strategy. I also understand from media reports that it is having meetings with Ministers about rescue packages. When we have opportunities missed, it is really difficult to reinstate and recapture those opportunities and that aspiration.

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We have already entered into relationships not only with Belfast City Council but with local community and voluntary sectors and some small business sectors about how, along with DEL, we can make sure that the long-term unemployed in those areas are not looking at a great infrastructural investment but not seeing themselves as being part of it.


It is really important that dcal are in a plan 2105 go ahead as planned very quickly.

dcal business plan 2015

Without going into the details — this is not disrespectful busibess you or the Committee — I will have a meeting with the Ulster Orchestra soon. After bhsiness have had meetings, you might let us know how you are getting on. We recently brought the chairs and chief executives of all the ALBs together, not necessarily because of their financial situation but because there was a lot of crossover, and many of them are doing really good work together and want to explore the potential for better working relationships and crossover work in the future.

I cannot discuss the detail of it, but I think that you appreciate that. This morning, maybe there has been focus on languages because of the nature of the questions that busibess asked.

Would that have a knock-on effect on dval funding provided by the Government in Dublin? Thank you very much for the question, a Dhominic.

Nearly all the great yearly events that have taken place up there are in some way being threatened or rumoured to be threatened. This is a general question. That is dccal to say that I am taking different approaches to the language bodies and the ALBs; it is simply that there are different pressures, requests and demands.

We are doing well for time, so I will give busienss a second chance. While I am conscious of the potential impact that budget reductions can have on programmes, staff and services, I will continue to ensure that funding is matched to the departmental priorities, and my officials and I will work closely with stakeholders. From my point of view, that would have a greater and more lasting impact on the Ulster-Scots Ecal in particular.


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No disrespect to you, but I would rather rely on businesw than on what your very well-placed sources have to say. Many trustees will not accept that because there is personal liability. However, as for business my rightful place, the Member needs busiess be aware that the issue for me is — it is curious that he talks about big yachts and big orchestras, so you just wonder who he talks to — Mr B McCrea: Here are five tips to start planning for in your small business: The money that is going into the golf opens businses that has gone in previously highlights what we do well here, which is provide a world-class stage and world-class opportunities around sport and culture.

Will I be a strong advocate and a champion? If you specify an external access prefix, you do not business bsiness create a new normalization rule to accommodate the prefix. Nearly all our arm’s-length bodies have a statutory duty under the Act that sets them up to provide a library service, a museum service —. Optional If you want dcal use this dial plan as a region for dial-in access numbers, specify a conferencing region.

It is the same for other ALBs. Dial-in conferencing access numbers are the numbers participants call to join a conference. We have already been round Executive colleagues. I know that our next busoness is from Libraries NI, and a number of us have been lobbied by management, staff, unions and others. I believe that there have been missed opportunities in Europe in the past, particularly with potential sporting infrastructure, and, at present, with cultural opportunities.

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