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Elastic beams L Materials: Support sessions will take place on Mondays to Fridays of weeks , 2. Skip to main content. Hard copies of handouts will be available in each laboratory. These extend across the whole range of engineering and include mechanical, electrical, information and civil engineering, design, manufacture and management, together with the mathematical and computing skills that underpin much of modern engineering. They all take the same course in both Part II years.

To learn more deeply by doing. Associated paper Experiment number and title Long or short Mechanics: To gain experience of situations where practical experiments are better than mathematical methods for solving problems. Students who do not reach the honours standard may be awarded an Ordinary BA Degree. At the end of their second year students decide which Tripos to prepare for in their third and fourth years. Each timetabled drawing session, both morning and afternoon, begins with a lecture to outline the material that will be covered in the following practical class. The computing course is examined in Paper 4 Mathematical Methods.

Integrated Coursework Project Cued

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Less 1 mark for late or 2 marks for very late attendance.

Integrated Coursework Project Cued. Drawing Cied design project Integrated electrical project Machine Tool lab. The students’ assimilation of the material covered in the eight lectures on the principles of design is tested through a product design project where they are asked to design a device to meet a specified need.

If you’re not, copy the url of your group link, and follow online instructions for subscribing to an “ICS” or “iCal” web calendar.


cued integrated coursework

A modular design and unit testing are required to ensure that the two parts work together correctly. Assessment session, 4 marks. There are also eight lectures on the principles of design, assessed through the product design project.

More information may be available The final coursework mark is calculated by subtracting from the total raw mark.

Eight lectures are given on the role of the engineer in societyin which the wider issues that influence technical decision making are discussed.

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After the test, recommendations are made on how the design might be improved. Students in Parts IA-IIA will be alerted when the initial list of projects offered for summer is posted and further projects will be added as staff propose them. Lab work is designed to reinforce the treatment of topics covered in lectures. LTSpice write-up, 2 marks Radio demo, 1 mark Report, 5 marks.

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To obtain direct experience of physical phenomena, such as the annealing of a metal or the reflection of an electric wave. Less 1 mark per day or part day a report is late. Finite volume discretisation, evaluation of fluxes. At your first laboratory, please ensure that you collect the following: They also undertake a major project that occupies about half of the total time throughout the year. Skip to main content. Students work in teams of six to design, build and test a mobile robot vehicle as an integrated design project IDP.

Project proposal one-page report.


Students spend three two-hour sessions for four weeks working on this project. Respect your measurements and remain sceptical about theories until the physical evidence is convincing. Renewable Electrical Power…28 Jul Aims. Elastic beams L Materials: Take accurate patient integratdd, Include. The Michaelmas term computing course introduces students to scientific computing, the use of programming and numerical techniques to model, investigate and learn about a technical subject, in this case materials engineering.

Sequential logic, memory and counting S S S S.

The project begins with a timetabled lecture for all students towards the end of Michaelmas term, inteyrated has a concentrated period of laboratory activity in the Lent Term. All Part IA coursework is for standard credit, which means that once students achieve a satisfactory standard in the various groups of activities, as listed below, the associated raw marks are capped at corusework qualifying level. All students should do this, and browse the project documentation on the Moodle site, during the afternoon of Wednesday week 0.

cued integrated coursework

To develop an awareness of the safety of the individual and the group through the safe and careful operation of potentially hazardous equipment. Hard copies of handouts will fued available in each laboratory. The Examiners for the Engineering Tripos Part IB to be taken in will take account of coursework done by candidates.