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Published by Elfreda Morrison Modified over 3 years ago. Educate employees on the benefits of the CRM initiative Train them to use the tools to communicate with the users more effectively Rule of thumb: CIF requires data from a disparate set of databases, located in various parts of the enterprise containing data of varying ages collected from various sources and channels, and stored in a multitude of different architectures and platforms Ex: Every system has its own internal set of codes. There is no best way. As we have added functionality, Customers have not had to learn new things. Enter your search terms Submit search form.

Let It Evolve L. Lack of Integration CRM packages do not offer adequate tools for integration with back-office applications, e. Gaining a Competitive Advantage. An integrated system for enrollment, eligibility and claims processing Consolidate and upgrade several antiquated some dating back to back-end systems for claims processing and billing Integrate them with glitzy new customer-facing systems on the front-end Benefits Customer service reps will have a single unified view of members Customers would get one bill Medical claims proceed faster and more efficiently Project Cost: CRM records information about customers like transactions, preferences, and even personal information. Kansas City, Missouri, Distance:

Reengineering forgot about people. The management of Cigna, during the shareholders’ meeting in Octoberaccepted that they had been unsuccessful in executing the project.

crm implementation failure at cigna corporation case study ppt

The managers who ought to be thinking about the customers are instead dealing with scheduling, hiring and training. Institute systems with carrots and sticks to focus on customer service by linking employee rewards to customer satisfaction.

And finally, they are critical of the lack of customization available from some offerings. We think you have liked this presentation. Drive-in customers get food, entertainment, or cash incentives Most offers are time-sensitive, with tight expiration dates….


crm implementation failure at cigna corporation case study ppt

Shell Exploration and Production took 7 months to map data from 27 data sources in a GB data warehouse, using a tool from Kalido Ltd. Did we finish the renovation of the hotel?

Outline Harrah’s: A CRM Success Story Cigna HealthCare: A CRM Failure

Determine the profitability of your customers 2. Although data quality maintenance is not the front-facing functional module in a CRM project, it is a necessity to get value from the CRM investment. ITSY click on the button below, and select the case from the list of available cases: I was reflecting my engineering background and was insufficiently appreciative of the human dimension. System went live 3.

How you connect CRM to the back office and bring customers on board makes all the difference. Data is ignored At its core, CRM is about data – customers, products, inventory There is no best way. Cigna was able to move additional members to the new IT systems without major incident Jan Kansas City, Missouri, Distance: And segment-based data are of limited use to finance, hence the common misalignment problem between finance and marketing.

Good data quality does not drive value in and of itself but it is the means to achieve high-value benefits. Expected new IT system to deliver huge gains in productivity from automated claims processing and customer service. Customer history and reward-point tallies are passed down from this database to the onsite mainframe systems – which, in turn, relay the data to the card readers.


Case Study Volumes Collection.

Crm implementation failure at cigna corporation case study ppt

Corporate politics was not too bad because no single business unit lost control of its data. Despite Anania’s confidence in it, the changeover acse not go smoothly, encountering several glitches. According to failur, one of the main reasons for Cigna’s poor customer service and the resultant reduction in membership was the failure of the restructuring of its information technology IT and CRM 3 systems, at its HealthCare division. In finance, a company is legally bound to create reports in certain ways.

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People Issues Build or Buy or Rent? About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. The company lost six percent of its healthcare members in alone. At the same time, began laying off customer service reps as part of a afilure consolidation of 20 primary and specialty service centers into 9 regional centers Rationale: Railure company was looking for ways to address the greatest problem we see in financial services: Registration Forgot your password?

Successfully migrated anothermembers Launched MyCigna. Test, and retest, in a real environment and end-to-end before going live – Take your time moving data from the legacy systems to the new platforms, and do it in bite-size chunks so that you can fix glitches as you go.