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If them without technology, they will feeling emotional and difficult communicate with others people. You can order your shopping online and have it delivered right to your door. In my opinion, communication technology helps people many ways. Reference Advantages of Communication Technology http: Current Issues and Development in Communication and Information Technology Early forms communication included runners, homing pigeons and smoke signals. Through this method, business can increase their let more people know their products and sales will greatly enhanced. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Some people actually believe that they are losing their social skills as they are regularly chatting online. This act is to provide security when important personal information is given to an organisation or individual to a person. Ireland – A Gamechanger. Technology and the Future. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The goods can be sold online by credit cards and delivered straight to your door.

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Social media became the most used communication technology in comparison to television, radio, and hechnology telephone. Social networking sites are also great for disabled people who cannot get out of the house to meet friends.

Our routine life completely has dramatically changed with the advent of high tech machines, modes of communication and transport. People spent several hours of life on technology without neglecting the important aspects of life.

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People shopping online can do banking to purchase payment which technklogy is makes life easy. Here is a Ted talk video below by Patties Maes demonstrating the newest version of 6th sense technology.


For advantages, the education of people will be gained as there have a lot of free information on internet. They would also gets to know more information compared to the others who not using internet. There have been cases where people post their coommunications number or even bank account carelessly on their social media that attracts the idea of exploiting the advantages of communication technology. Some grocery stores do this too so you can now do all your shopping online.

It was updated in because the Internet was invented.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Taobao, Amazon, Ebay, etc. In summary, communication technology provides advantages and disadvantages and without a doubt have a huge impact on society and the future. For businessman, they could save their money for air ticket and time for flying overseas with doing their transaction through video call.

You can receive them esaay emails and many other devices.

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Disadvantages of Communication Technology Communications Technology causes people lose art of conversation. Do communication technology brings other advantages to us other than communicate with others? Notify me of new comments via email.

communications technology essay fetac level 5

Communication Technology Essay send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Legislation is the act of making or enacting laws. The example of communication technology is WeChat and Skype.


Many stay at home mam or dads can now work from home as well as spending time with their children. GPS is based partly on similar ground-based radio-navigation systems. This can lead to misunderstandings.

In addition, the communication technology had a major impact on the world as it taken over replacing a lot of jobs. Skip to content Introduction Communication technology becomes more developed in this world. Communication technologies nowadays become the most important part of life.

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Youtube Video ICTs for a better future 18 mins. Especially in South Korea where there are overchild internet addicts.

Children are now been bullied not just at school but at home too because of technology. Besides that, some grocery store also sells the goods online to let people shopping online. Communication Technology is the activity of designing and constructing and maintaining communication systems. Data Protection Commissioner http: Uploaded by ericssonmultimedia on Nov 3, Social media essxy a more recent development in the evolvement of communications technology.