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Figure 10 description of the human error theory In addition, practicing and graduating chemical engineers became closer to the process safety and environmental issues through the educational development and scientific research. For several years after the disaster, no information was given about the composition of that deadly cloud. In contrast similar plant in USA has two flares. The reaction products are not toxic as the MIC. At midnight the MIC started to leak from the safety valves of the tank. Recruitment Process In Consulting Comapny.

The official number of immediate deaths was Safety valve rupture disk type opened and the gas found its way to the vent gas scrubber, and exit out of its stack. A lot of information still hidden. Investigations done later indicate that about lb of water entered the tank. Carbon steel valves and pipes were used in the factory.

The affected area was about 40 sq km. Storing the MIC in large tanks more than the advised level. The flare system was out of service.

The gas was pushed by a gentle caee as a compact front towards Bhopal city. Many workers run away out of the plant escaping from the gas. Moreover, both Indian government and Union Carbide lied to the public about the fatality of the gas which causes the disaster.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy – Ppt Download

The water curtain which was supposed to reduce the amount of MIC escaping out of the plant was not efficient. This was enough to start a run —away violent reaction, its rate increased by the existence of Iron Oxide impurities coming from corroded carbon steel components. Both Indian government and Union Carbide Corporation gave the priority to the profit. There was no strong wind to disperse the gas, no rain to react with the gas.


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Pipes that transfer MIC from the production unit to the storage tanks has a special valves of flanges with sliding plates. Figure 10 description of the human error theory This is also called nitrogen blanketing or nitrogen purging.

case study on bhopal gas tragedy ppt

For sure lives have been saved. Bad copying of safety process design materials, instruments and piping…etc.

UCC and Indian government continued this claim till In this scrubber the gas entering from its lower part is sprayed by caustic soda solution which can neutralize the MIC and convert it to harmless material.

Thus, MIC was stored without cooling, and, if a run-away reaction event should occur, no cooling was available. All of them gave warnings about bad management, poor maintenance, poor training and careless about safety regulations.

Pptt a study group from American university American University AU or American is a private liberal arts[4] and research university in Washington, D. The right action was to open the valve connecting the tanks and Log In Sign Up. On December 5, total died people were more than 2, and the Casw plant had been locked. stucy


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At the time of disaster, Indian government al banks and Indian public caee holding There was no warning or any emergency plan to evacuate the people as soon as possible. Several gas scrubbers were out of service.

case study on bhopal gas tragedy ppt

Recruitment Process In Consulting Comapny. None of them were asked to wear gas masks.

case study on bhopal gas tragedy ppt

At a certain temperature the MIC molecules start to combine with their selves with generating more heat. The concrete around the tanks started to crack. Promotions were halted, seriously affecting employee [6 ]. Membership is required for download. This was the reason of malfunctioning of a lot of safety devices; need to sequence dangerous water flushing of pipes. Other eighth employee died in jail before the judgment.