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Timing was important to consider when coding the shots. At the high school, students viewed videos showcasing the international event and the importance of computer science. This was a National Consumers League Competition held in February and assessed student knowledge in five areas: We are so very proud of our FBLA students and all that they have accomplished to help find a cure for this terrible disease. The trip focused on the extraordinary life of Alexander Hamilton, his contributions to the US financial system, as well as his connection to the US Constitution, the American Revolution and the city of Philadlephia.

Athletic — This rigorous tournament demands the best in athleticism and teamwork from each school. Exceptional keynote speakers also inspire participants by sharing personal messages of motivation. Ruben interviewed with administrators from the Accounting Career Awareness Program in Philadelphia and submitted his application with letters of recommendation. Activities provided by Code. Students are learning more about food insecurity issues and are responsible for building inventory. Skip to Main Content.

Children learned about encryption techniques and tried to unlock coded messages. Eighth grade students were creating their own personal web pages using HTML. Business Case Study Competition. The IT Help Desk students will maintain a student run website with resources such as creating self-help videos and writing reviews on apps.

Since some students do have multiple BCIT classes, the total Dual Enrollment processed this year is classes among 76 students. The competition teaches students about investing and encourages financial literacy through hands-on activities in the classroom.

The goal of the BCIT Academic Certificate Program is to offer a prescribed series of courses that enable students to focus their studies in specific business areas. The BCIT Department was proud to recognize 31 students who earned one or more certificates in the following areas: E – Mathematics Kearney, Ms.


A second Neshaminy team also competed and performed very well for the panel of judges. It affords students the opportunity to take courses in other areas of study because the Dual Enrollment credits satisfy degree requirements. Schools send 10 teams of 3 people, each focused on a different business discipline:. Each team was judged by a panel of six professionals who scored the quality of presentation, identification of key problems and turnaround plan.

Having proficiency with MS Excel is considered by many a valuable technology skill, and being certified as a specialist in MS Excel is a proud accomplishment.

Hamber Business Education Students Win at the BCIT High School Case Study Competition 2015

These students have volunteered to learn additional technology skills associated with hardware. Students Helping Students with Technology. News of studyy food pantry recently spread to Tawanka Elementary School where they collected food donations for an entire week in April. This week students learned more about job opportunities right here in the state of Pennsylvania regarding computer science skills.

It is a win-win for the students and district to partner in more project-based learning opportunities benefiting all involved. Delegates are trained to think critically and effectively communicate ideas through written and verbal mediums. Each delegation brings 13 teams competing in 10 separate academic case disciplines Dtudy, Marketing, Human Resources, etc. Jeopardy categories included banking, types of credit, the workplace, taxes, budgeting, investments, purchasing a car, retirement and estate planning, bankruptcy, insurance, consumer rights, bank stuey, credit ratings and laws, and buying a home.


The Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy sponsored the stock market competition. PFEW is a unique and challenging educational experience designed for high school sophomores and juniors csae learn about career opportunities while taking an active role in operating a simulated business.

The girls enjoyed the interactive and hands-on sessions and hearing information about various career opportunities from accomplished mentors in their fields. Students invested in stocks chosen from the USA markets: Notable certifications can work to open doors of stuudy and contribute to more self-confidence as students work towards their ambitions.

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This may entail simple connectivity issues, charging issues, keyboard questions, care and maintenance of the device, plus questions dealing with the software applications. Kathy Christie views the opportunity as a great introduction to how IT supports the uses of technology.

Teams also delivered a plan competktion made recommendations for future growth, evaluated a buyout proposal and created pro forma financial statements.

bcit case study competition

These credits are transferable to other universities. These credits are transferable to other colleges and universities. This is a project-based learning experience for students connecting them to social entrepreneurship curriculum.

bcit case study competition

Timing was important to consider when coding the shots. NHS chapter officers and members planned, organized and worked the event, solicited donations and encouraged family and friends to participate.