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But you know all that stuff already. Where are our Lizard Overlords? Send thank you cards and give standing ovations. I advocate passionate dedication to the pursuit of short-term goals. Once you start to rely on other people, the risk of discovery gets more likely.

In his Occasional Address to Arts and Science graduands, their families, partners and friends, Tim Minchin not only delighted his audience, he inspired. Ken October 3, at 2: This is the most ludicrous story of the lot Like Like. Only a desperate fool would suggest it. Pat O’Dea on Does international chemical wa…. Note that in the AR4 the uncertainty range was explicitly estimated for the end of the 21st century results.

Hey Cedric, the SPM was released first. A lot of men find this uncomfortable but it really does help pre-empt any issues down the track Like Like. And it is, just pathetic.

Tim Minchin – an inspirational speech to graduates

Where are our Lizard Overlords? Motivational Videos Inspiring Speeches and Interviews. Andy, your level of discussion appears to have deteriorated because of those long nights alone with Richard Cummings in the climate conversation grzduation. Politics first, science second.


Tim Minchin: These 9 Life Lessons will Make you Laugh – and Learn

The publication years of the assessment reports are shown. A person would have had to open a word doc, delete an image, and replace it with another, then hit save.

It was the author of the document wot dun it. Of course this should be of no concern. Andy October 3, at 6: I do agree that the anus needs to be examined on a regular basis, especially for a male over 45, for a regular Prostate check up.

tim minchin graduation speech subtitles

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Be hard on your beliefs. Americans on talent shows always talk about their dreams. The Sand Creatures Reasonable truth?

tim minchin graduation speech subtitles

Take them out onto the veranda and hit them with a cricket bat. We demand to know!!! Anyone who thinks the IPCC have any credibility now has the intelligence of poultry. The perfect opportunity to mention the leaked report on Douma. Define yourself by what you love. We must think critically and not just about the ideas of others. Underwater film maker to make waves in the US.

You will soon be dead. All you have to do is give a plausible explanation as to how those numbers got changed.


Sadhguru How to Control Your Destiny. You can cross your fingers and hope for bias and corruption to explain the report away but you speeech to think it through on at least some minimal level.

But you know all that stuff already.

tim minchin graduation speech subtitles

Be hard on your opinions. Someone has to decide what numbers get fiddled and when.

Andy October 3, at 1: In the first draft, there is a diagram showing the discrepancy between models and reality. Be hard on your opinions.

7 Best Tim Minchin and other offensive comedians images | Comedians, Free thinker, Tim o’brien

Logical atheism Science-religion conflicts. The idea that many Australians — including our new PM and my distant cousin Nick — believe that the science of anthropogenic global warming is controversial, is a powerful indicator of the extent of our failure to communicate.

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