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I'm not disagreeing at all with you Pat, after all even our boy Freud himself had a few theories that are highly flawed and skewed due to his own warped perversions, I was merely grasping at straws to find even one study that was even done on human sexuality and sexual preferences that is widely accepted. And though I must say he's going about it a bit less diplomatically than I am, DanJunior is absolutely right. No, girls are not naturally bisexual. As a matter of fact I haven't used one inflammatory or derogatory statement towards you. Are Girls Naturally Bisexual? Jana. Age: 30. I o not answer withheld numbers or reply to sms. Linsey. Age: 25. If you are just desperate for a hooker, sorry, keep looking.

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Kinsey was very much a bisexual himself who had alot of sexual perversions. Originally Posted by V! This was before science was dumbed down and before colleges and universities were filled with liberal propaganda. Are Girls Naturally Bisexual? OP asked a simple question which the answer to is simply no, all females are NOT bisexual. I unfortunately cannot give you reference from my coursework, was 2 classes I recall, human sexuality and a Psych that made the reference, as I recall was a scale of At first you stated that you have female friends attracted to women and you think it's a very common fantasy, but you weren't stating facts just your observations. That's a dumb statement. And though I must say he's going about it a bit less diplomatically than I am, DanJunior is absolutely right. Studies proved that bisexual girls sleep with a hugh higher number of men than heterosexual girls. No, girls are not naturally bisexual. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: No woman are not bi-sexual naturally. I assume human sexuality is not a mandatory class in Canada or if it is you either did not attend college or didn't pay attention.

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Here is the scientific thruth about homos, from a movie: Neither pro or against gay, not sure how you derived at that. Results 1 to 30 of Are all girls bisexual? The female anatomy is so amazing I don't know how anyone can't be attracted to it.

Are Girls Naturally Bisexual?


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