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The most common type of malignancy is papillary carcinoma. It included all the patients with clinically detected STN who had undergone thyroidectomy between June and May Male gender, normal thyroid volume, single nodularity, nodule hypo echogenicity, size and blurred margins were also associated with malignancy, but not significantly. Anti-Gal3 antibody immunoreactivity was observed in 7 out of 8 cases Management of a solitary thyroid nodule. The number of cases of true positive results neoplastic, suspicious and malignant was 32, and of true negative results benign non neoplastic was

Malignant STN was reported in 20 out of 33 Evaluation of a thyroid nodule. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. The number of cases of true positive results neoplastic, suspicious and malignant was 32, and of true negative results benign non neoplastic was Three patients with medullary carcinoma were kept on close follow-up. Also DNA aneuploidy was associated with recurrence and poor 2 years survival. Metastatic deposits in the lymph nodes were seen in 13 patients of the total 33 patients who had undergone lymph node dissection.

Lymph nodal enlargement was detected by USG in 28 patients.

solitary thyroid nodule thesis

Diagnosis of thyroid nodule. Hypocalcemic features were managed with supplementation of calcium and Vitamin D. As for the autonomous toxic nodule, the treatment is either by radioactive iodine or surgical resection. But in cases of carcinoma completion thyroidectomy with adjuvant theais in the form of radioactive iodine and suppressive therapy. Hemi thyroidectomy and total thyroidectomy with and without neck dissection were performed wherever appropriate.

In our previous experience also we have noted, better yield of diagnostic cytological material with the help of the USG-guided aspirations compared to blind FNAC. The most common type of malignancy is papillary carcinoma. solitarh


Malignancy in solitary thyroid nodule: A clinicoradiopathological evaluation

The present study included all the patients of clinically detected STN. Total thyroidectomy was performed in 80 Further results pertain only to these patients. Pathology of thyroid nodule.

The study was done in a tertiary care center of South India. One case was diagnosed as Hurthle cell neoplasm by FNAC and revealed by histopathological examination as Hurthle cell adenoma.

The management of thyroid nodules requires a nodul of clinical evaluation followed by appropriate investigations.

Malignancy in solitary thyroid nodule: A clinicoradiopathological evaluation

Malignant causes of nodules include thyroid cancer, lymphoma as well as metastasis to the thyroid gland. Of the 46 patients with papillary carcinoma, 15 were reported as the follicular variant of papillary carcinoma FVPTC on histopathology. Contemporary Management of Solitary Thyroid Nodule.

solitary thyroid nodule thesis

In these ten patients frozen or paraffin section was reported as malignant. Histopathology findings Histopathology was nodular goiter in 77 It also may be used for reduction of the volume of neoplastic tissue prior to external radiation therapy or chemotherapy of local or distant recurrences of thyroid carcinoma that are not amenable to surgical or radioiodine treatments.

Cytomorphology of solitary thyroid nodule. The minimally invasive endoscopic thyroidectomy approaches provide a superior cosmetic result when compared to conventional thyroidectomy and results in a quicker return to normal activity. The evaluation of the thyroid nodule begins with patient history, risk factor assessment, and physical exam.

Recurrence of thyroid nodules after surgical removal in patients irradiated in childhood for benign conditions. Abstract The solitary thyroid nodule is a palpable discrete swelling within an apparently normal gland. High prevalence of undetected thyroid disorders in an iodine sufficient adult south Indian population.



This includes both palpable and nonpalpable nodules, detected by imaging. F ratio of 1: Histopathological examination showed two of these cases were nodular goiter, eight were follicular adenoma, three were follicular carcinoma, four were follicular variant of papillary carcinoma and one case was parathyroid carcinoma.

The number of false positive cases was 4;two cases diagnosed as suspicious for papillary carcinoma and two cases diagnosed as follicular neoplasm. Introduction and Aim of Work.

Solid echogenicity, micro calcification and cervical lymphadenopathy on USG were seen more frequently in malignant nodules. Further diagnostic evaluation is done by FNA biopsy of thyroid nodules which has become one of the most useful, safe, and accurate tools in the diagnosis of thyroid pathology.

User Username Password Remember me. Final HPE showed malignancy in 20 Thyroid nodules that should be considered for FNA include any firm, palpable, solitary nodule or nodule associated with worrisome clinical features rapid growth, attachment to adjacent tissues, hoarseness, or palpable lymphadenopathy.