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You need to revise regularly. For each subject i had doubts but there was 8 to 10 professors for each subject. For accounts, I took up study material and solved each problem religiously. For Batch Details Click here. They get tested in the exams. Though it’s not an outstanding achievement. We help in getting in to the articleship program along with continued preparation for the final exam.

As prescribed by seniors. Though it’s not an outstanding achievement. The pattern of these sample papers will familiarise students with the real exam environment. You can DM me if u wanna ask anything else. I had read plenty of answers on quora. Having been a ranker at all levels of CA he has been a strong believer of, working hard for your goal, as there is no substitute for hard, hard work. This level will require the students to have an advanced level of knowledge about the subject.

Do you suggest not joining there? MT Homework 3 Solutions. Smart work with staying focused for years. Look at the PM for Presentation. I believe than ikrevision plays a major role.

This is overall CA student journey. Meaning there by, revise the course by Practice manual PM at least 3 times before exam day. They come for around 40 marks. In conclusion, I would like to thank AJ NeXt for inspiring me to my biggest achievement till date, without whom it would not be possible.


Jk Shah Ipcc Homework Solutions

I didn’t resort to any coaching classes. How should I prepare for the CA exam?

You can have your own exclusive schedule to prepare and study for so and so hours. For each subject i had doubts but there was 8 to 10 professors for each subject. If so, what might be the reasons? I used Munish Bhandari’s text book. Latest updated and announcement are also available via email or http: The interactive sessions, with an opportunity to solve the problems on our own before being taught helped in honework the concepts better.

jk shah ipcc homework solutions

By logging in you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Customs and FDP 25 Marks. I am assuming you are writing this May. A few questions are picked from the RTPs.

Is JK Shah Institute good for IPCC? Is it better than Aldine CA? – Quora

I didn’t get great marks. In particular, the study material is very good since it is comprehensive and it helped me get the sgah clarity required to crack the paper. Conceptual clarity and rigorous practice in class has helped to prepare well.


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jk shah ipcc homework solutions

The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. What are some tricks for clearing the CPT Exam on the first attempt? We have been training aspiring students in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai for the past 34 years. Operations Research covers about 30 marks and it’s easy and doesn’t take much time to do. Business and Commercial Knowledge 40 Marks.

English was my comfort zone. I would say that, articleship is necessary sjah your smooth carrier. Test series was very well developed and comprehensive, making me confident for appearing to such formidable exams with ease. Graded Homework Problem Solutions 1. Go through the RTP of last 2 or 3 attempts.

jk shah ipcc homework solutions