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Tree Sets Video full 1pp 8pp Tree Recursion Video full 1pp 8pp Show how to use this to take a text consisting of a sequence of words and to return the same words, but with the beginnings of sentences capitalized: Mutable Functions Video full 1pp 8pp Week 13 Staff Resources. Indeed, any number of sequences may be combined in this fashion.

Week 14 Staff Resources. Week 2 Staff Resources. Midterm 1 Review Exam Prep Don’t implement this by converting tuples to rlists, calling subseqs , and then converting back!:. The map function in the Python library actually allows you to write things like this:. Mutable Functions Video 1pp 1pps 8pp

Declarative Programming Video full 1pp 8pp Containers Video full 1pp 8pp Lost on the Moon.

homework 4 cs61a

The order in which the subsequences appear is unspecified. Inheritance Video full 1pp 8pp Week 15 Class Material. Week 12 Staff Resources.

CS 61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

homewrk Ordered Sets Video full 1pp 8pp The second solution shows that it is also possible to implement repeated by creating only a single new function. Week 12 Class Material.


Week 1 Class Material. Data Examples Video full 1pp 8pp Aggregation Video full 1pp 8pp Tree Recursion and Data Abstraction. Mutable Values Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Iteration Video full 1pp 8pp Natural Language Video full 1pp 8pp A subsequence of a sequence S is a sequence of elements from S, in the same order they appear in S, but possibly with elements missing.

Homework 2 Solutions | CS 61A Summer

Show how to implement filter using mapreducebasic operations on tuples, and possibly lambda. Somewhat confusingly, we’ve been using tuples to represent rlists.

Calculator Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Week 4 Staff Resources. Every student should have signed up for a discussion and lab section.

homework 4 cs61a

Week 5 Class Material. Nonlocal and Object-Oriented Programming.

Data Examples Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Containers Video full 1pp 8pp Congratulations to the winners of cs61aa Scheme recursive art contest! Implement the following function, just using reducemapfilterrangeand lambda: Inheritance Video full 1pp 8pp The following function might be useful when converting from rlists to tuples: Interpreters Video full 1pp 8pp.


Scheme and Tail Recursion.

homework 4 cs61a

Names Video full 1pp 8pp Week 8 Class Material. Iterators Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Week 1 Staff Resources.