ADAST Introduces Automated Registration for its Line of Sheetfed Presses

New AdaRegister Control System reduces job setup time on any new or installed ADAST press equipped with the AdaControl 3 Console.

ADAST has introduced a new registration control system designed for ADAST presses equipped with the AdaControl 3
Console. The new AdaRegister Control System option uses a specialized high-resolution CCD camera and proprietary software developed by ADAST to achieve registration automatically on press.

The new option – available on ADAST 507, 707 or 807 Series presses – quickly aligns all printing units to achieve faster job setup with near-perfect registration.
The AdaRegister Control System can cut makeready time by up to 20% and significantly reduce paper waste. These added production efficiencies enable ADAST users to produce print jobs more efficiently and more profitably, particularly on short-run multi-color printing.

The new AdaRegister Control System was demonstrated on an ADAST model 857 5-color 20-1/2 x 29-1/8-inch press, along with a new in-line aqueous coating system, on the ADAST
stand at EmbaxPrint 2007 (May 22-25) in the Czech Republic.

“Offering a simple and precise way to detect and correct misregistration on ADAST’s entire line of sheetfed presses, enables customers of our newest products and many with presses in the field to benefit from an exceptional feature that can contribute significantly to winning more jobs and producing them more profitably.”

“New AdaRegister Control System is a prime example of ADAST’s dedication to provide printers with high-quality, affordable sheetfed offset printing presses equipped with
advanced features. The high level of ADAST automation, quality and efficiency makes it not only possible but practical for ADAST customers to compete aggressively for short-run print jobs while being perfectly positioned to accommodate the long print runs that other printing
methods can’t touch.”

ADAST Introduces Automated Registration for Small-Format Offset Precision CCD Imaging.

Using a special high-resolution CCD camera manufactured for print checking, the press operator can easily measure within hundredths of a millimeter the misregistration of
different color marks on the printed press sheet. The image is processed and analyzed by software components and the corrected coordinates for each color are computed by the AdaControl Console. Upon operator acceptance, the AdaControl Console directs servo motors to precisely register all of the printing units simultaneously by adjusting the lateral, circumferential and diagonal dimensions.

Depending on the accuracy of the plates and the number of colors, the AdaRegister Control System can shave about three to five minutes off the typical 15 to 20-minute makeready while also reducing paper waste.

“A good pressman typically makes register on the third or fourth attempt,” explains Tony Karásek. “The AdaRegister Control System eliminates the time associated with one or two registration attempts and 40 to 50 sheets of paper – and more if the plates were imaged out of register.
The new system also saves pressmen from having to painstakingly check every cross hair with a high-power loupe, freeing them to focus on successfully running the job.”

The AdaRegister Control System has been factory tested and field proven by users of ADAST 707 and 807 presses. First users report makeready reductions of four minutes, as well as saving 50 sheets from waste, per job. Factory Installed or Field Upgradeable Available as an option on sheetfed ADAST 507 Series 2-, 4- and 5-color presses, 707 Series 2-, 4- and 5-color presses and 807 Series 2-, 4-, 5- and 6-color presses equipped with the AdaControl 3 console, the new register control is available to ADAST customers in Czech Republic immediately. In North America, Europe and other geographic areas, it will be available by early September 2007. Customers who order a new ADAST press with the
AdaControl 3 option are eligible to buy the new AdaRegister Control System at a 30% discount until the end of June.

The new AdaRegister Control System is also available as a field upgrade for existing customers of ADAST 507, 707 and 807 Series presses equipped with the AdaControl 3
console. The field upgrade provides the same functionality as the factory-installed option. Field upgrade availability will follow the timetable for factory-installed unit shipments.