ADAST is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of multicolor offset printing presses for the international graphic arts market, with close to 40,000 ADAST 4-up printing units contributing to the company’s nearly 76,000 printing units manufactured and installed worldwide.

Manufactured under rigorous ISO 9001:2000 certification, ADAST 507, 707 and 807-Series presses comply with the FOGRA International standard for excellence in print quality and exactness of manufacturing. ADAST presses also are certified by the Testing and Certification Center for printing presses in Wiesbaden, Germany, with the prestigious GS certification.

ADAST presses are sold and serviced in the U.S. by a network of ADAST Factory-Direct Dealers. United Graphic Systems, Inc., Englewood, NJ, supports the Eastern Region; CEU, Inc., Chicago, IL provides sales and service in the Midwest Region; and Western Region sales and services is provided by Universal Graphic Products, Inc., Arvada, CO.