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In ancient Greece and Rome, kings and queens were convinced that blue sapphires protected their owners from envy and harm. A rutile inclusion in corundum produces an asterism the six-rayed starburst effect in a sapphire cabochon. Minerals also have distinct chemical compositions and crystal structure. This causes flaws, structural defects and inclusions of other minerals. Color is mainly caused by the gemstone's selective absorption of certain wavelengths of light called the body color. Among the oxides, corundum and rutile can form. HTML is not translated! This will enable you to examine the merchandise at your convenience, without any commitment to buy. Mercedes. Age: 30. The money you paid its only for my time Krissy. Age: 20. & So much fun!!!

World's largest blue star sapphire 'found in Sri Lanka'

In order to avoid fraud, we have a thorough approval process for all consignment orders. Call us now to place a request. Sapphires have a trigonal crystalline structure with a hardness of 9. Feel Free To Call Us. Black, gray, or green overtones mixed in with the blue will reduce a stone's value. Loose rubies or sapphires will not be accepted for a refund if they have been set, scratched, polished, chipped, fractured, weigh differently or have been altered in any way. If you need an extended inspection period, we are happy to accommodate your needs. Perfect sapphire crystals form or grow in a hexagonal system of bi-pyramids. HTML is not translated! Spinel is a rare stone that was often mistaken for ruby before reliable testing techniques developed in Please contact us at to make special arrangements for an extended inspection period. Until her death in , Princess Di, as she was known, charmed and captivated the world. Sapphire's composition is aluminum and oxygen, formed in hexagonal bi-pyramids. Its name comes from the Greek word sappheiros , which probably referred to lapis lazuli.

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Consignment Description Reviews 0 At Asian Gem Centre we want all of our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase, therefore if you are unsure, we can send your order on a 5 day consignment period. Sapphires have a trigonal crystalline structure with a hardness of 9. Minerals also have distinct chemical compositions and crystal structure. Fire Agate Information 21st Mar The fire agate is a recognizable gem as a result We have a very thorough inspection for every stone we receive back, and will not accept any variance. As with most gemstones, coloring is the result of "impurities" found in the mineral. Feel Free To Call Us.

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